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    The second test with a completely different game, and of course, this also increases the chance of playing, you can use the ship ran rejection. Besides the soldiers that the bombing was as if nothing out of the paper is not by far. Through this article, I hope to change the status of the warrior. Warrior is not only important, but it is also very important. Veterans can sign other ships, allowing the anchor and other boats can not move on after the death of another captain can also open other vessels. The most important thing teachers subscription. Even after death, and other boat owners are not able to open and out comes are generally two types of boat Blur steps: We recommend this killing storm: Sometimes, out of the sea, but also cause damage not only to the past but also the operations as well as to introduce the species is to pull people into the water, especially the captain pulled down the other side, even if the other party is not familiar other marine capture the helm, sailing is a very important victory. The new version of ArcheAge has a very good set, that is, the farmer can not raise the table, according to seed packets equalizer. Seedlings are no exception, and then what would be the equivalent to the effect of planting seedlings? Today I’m older ArcheAge trees to get the most out of their way. Firstly, we went there to buy a board for the entrepreneur trees, the price of silver is 20, is not cheap. We want to use in your life props Farms exchange points table Shatti grace sleep. Then use the option to log bench irrigate farms, making seed packets board, each seed packet needs five aboard and arrested 20-Shatti grace. Making good seed packets can start your own pumpkin patch planted, and attention, and try not grow in the wild because of expensive labor,  archeage items  and stolen then not worth all the fuss. The pumpkin patch just to sow the seeds of four explosive aboard. Each seed tray income 200 records, and takes steps is 200 points. Because labor is expensive, it is recommended to use separate accounts to harvest specialized, planting a number of professional, usually a pumpkin you can collect 800 records! It is very effective in terms of cost? Priesthood test coincided hanbok Version 1.0 adds a lot of play in this chapter ~ supply system ‘polished equipment’ takes the blue and gold salts shellfish purchased in grocery NPC ‘brilliant magic cube’. Any fixture labeled weapons ‘re-sharpen’ armor and able to use magic cube reset their properties, it can be seen from the first chart, polished armor only affects the physical and avoid the power and attributes of weapons of attack class Mofang.A amount of evil 100 points.

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